EHT company - iron casting, steel casting, machining, cnc cutting and metal art
EHT company - iron casting, steel casting, machining, cnc cutting and metal art

Maybe you’ve had some thoughts about manufacturing in  Vietnam? After all, you know that Viet Nam that they are leading in casting manufacturing areas. WE are well-educated and the product prices are attractive.
However, there are also risks due to distance, time differences, cultural differences etc. You might also worry that they don’t fully understand what you want. And are your designs (IP) protected? You wouldn’t want someone to run off with your design! Or maybe you simply have no time to manage the production and you rather outsource this to a reliable partner.
We have a large supply chain network close to our factory. This gives us a big advantage to bring all kind of subcontracted products to our assembly factory.
We manufacture a lot of different products for OEM customers: lighting products, beer drafts towers, baby stroller, caravan baby beds, bicycle trailers, trailer assemblies, and much more.

Partnering with a Western entrepreneur in Vietnam offers you peace of mind and security. Firstly, because we speak your language (English) and secondly, because we know how to go about things safely in Vietnam.

For customised development and advice, you can benefit from the many years of experience and specialist knowledge of our  Vietnamese professionals. By combining your knowledge with our competencies, a co-maker relationship is established that leads to beautifully customised solutions.

In a development process in which we improve existing products or develop new ones, our engineering department prefers to work closely with you. You’re welcome to challenge us to find the optimal custom solution to your problem.


The advantages of EHT at a glance:

  • Own factory and trading company in Hai Phong, Viet Nam
  • Own sourcing and quality office in Hai Phong, Vietnam.
  • Eupore quality management in Vietnam.
  • Own employees in Viet Nam.
  • High technical support.

100% reliable continuity.

EHT Trading and Production Limited Company

We are EHT, we are here for you. Any time.

Whatsapp & Mobile: (+84) 868 15 68 66

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EHT Trading and Production Limited Company

We build and develop the company on the basis of providing the best products for all customers, building prestige in the heart of customers.

    Address:126 Phuong Luu 4, Dong Hai 1, Ward, Hai Phong city, Viet Nam

  Whatsapp: (+84) 868 15 68 66


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